White supremacists who organized Charlottesville rally were just found guilty

Three “Alt-Right” leaders involved in organizing the violent “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA in August were found guilty of misdemeanor failure to disperse charges stemming from the day of chaos that left one counter protester dead and dozens injured.

The defendants were Nathan Benjamin Damigo, who founded the white-nationalist party Identity Evropa, Evan McLaren, the executive director of white nationalist organization National Policy Institute — Richard Spencer is the president — and John Paul Struys.

All three defendants were represented by the same lawyer, Elmer Woodard, who is also representing crying neo-Nazi Chris Cantwell, who was sought by police and arrested on felony charges for using pepper spray while attacking protesters during the fascist torchlight rally at the University of Virginia the night before Unite the Right took place.

The judge gave McLaren the minimum sentence under the law of a $100 fine while Damigo and Struys received $200 fines. The decision is being appealed by the defendants, via Woodard, and the case will be argued again in December.

The white supremacists were greeted by chanting protesters outside of the courthouse as they departed.

During the trial, Woodard called the rally’s principle organizer, Jason Kessler to the stand to testify. Kessler is in a legal battle of his own, as he stands charged with felony perjury related to a separate misdemeanor assault case, for which he was convicted last year.

This article was published on reverepress.com