WAR on Women at Fox News: Fox Keeps Exec Who Enforced “Short Skirt” Dress Code

Fox News Host Andrea Tantaro Was Yanked Off The Air For Complaining About Sexual Harassment

The way it looks nothing is going to change at Fox News, even after the ouster of Bill O’Reilly over allegations of sexual harassment.

In the months after Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch fired Roger Ailes the chief over Fox News operations in North America with dozens of women accusing Ailes of sexual harassment, the network’s parent company, News Corporation has spent $45 million to settle sexual-harassment claims.

That’s a lot of sexual harassment going on at Fox News!

Then on top of that you have over 20 minority employees suing because of racial discrimination. The network’s highest-rated personality, Megyn Kelly would not support Ailes as the accusations piled up, and quit for NBC. And finally Bill O’Reilly himself was fired over sexual harassment and Fox News co-president Bill Shine resigned under pressure.

US federal prosecutors are even conducting a criminal investigation of Fox News and have made deals with Ailes’s former underlings to get information about what was going on at Fox. Meanwhile ratings are plummeting in the 25-54 advertising demo at 9pm, as Fox News bleeds viewership.

Yet it looks like little is going to change at Fox News after that devastating tailspin. Many of the people who served directly under Ailes are remaining at the network, including Suzanne Scott, who enforced Ailes’s creepy, short-skirt dress code.

Instead of bringing in new leadership after letting Shine go, Murdoch actually promoted Shine’s deputy, Suzanne Scott. New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reports that it was Scott who enforced the short skirt and low-cut tops dress code women at Fox News have alleged in their accusations against Ailes.

Sherman says a female executive at Fox News told him: “She did Ailes’s dirty work,” and that another high level female employee said, “She would call the control room about adjusting dresses for length and cleavage.”


Are The Hiked-Up Skirts On Fox News Just A Coincidence?

It was over a year ago that NewsHounds pointed out the supposedly conservative news network seemed to be showing an awful lot of flesh, and asked “Are The Hiked-Up Skirts On Fox News Just A Coincidence?” an amazingly prescient blog post considering all the fallout that’s happened since.

Here’s just a couple of the screen grabs they posted:

There’s nothing wrong with a woman wearing a short skirt if it’s her choice to, but making it a qualification for a job reporting news is obviously inappropriate. Why wasn’t that obvious to the people at Fox News?

Maybe because of a pattern of institutionalized sexual harassment? If these allegations are true, and Scott harassed women at Fox News to hike up their skirts and pull down their blouses for the camera, at an organization that’s supposed to be about reporting the news, it looks like little has changed.