‘Trump’s now a fraud!’ Alex Jones has sobbing, red-faced breakdown over Syria

We usually ignore this buffoon, but this was truly a phenomenal meltdown, even for him.

The bromance is over. Alex Jones, the shirtless vitamin huckster conspiracy theorist and Trump sycophant has now gone off his Man King. In a weeping diatribe supposedly against the bombing of Syria, Jones says Trump is compromised by the deep state. Jones tearfully turns alcoholic red and wails that his own sacrifices are for naught; all while his cohost squirms looks on incredulously.

I’m all for people publicly opposing acts of war, but Alex Jones doesn’t have morals, rather, making money is his only religion. Jones went from being an equal opportunity fringe critic, to becoming a fervent Trump loyalist only when it helped him sell more “brain force” energy pills. (Mostly soy.) Jones pushed one false theory that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, which caused insane fans to harass parents of dead children.

Jones also claimed Hillary Clinton was a demon in the flesh who ran an international satanist pedophile ring in a pizza parlor, promoting a man to march into Comet Pizza in DC and fire his weapon while looking for the ‘imprisoned children.’ Trump gave Jones a big on air thank you for promoting this hatred, and now suddenly Jones wants to hop on over to the side of anti-war? More like a rat on a sinking ship, not to disparage rats who are highly intelligent.

Jones in this recent video turns orange like his one time Daddy King, and laments that he has sacrificed much for Trump. Jones even claims that if he had denounced Trump he would have gotten custody of his kids, or I don’t know, maybe choose not to take off your shirt on camera and claim juice boxes make kids gay? While claiming he has made sacrifices to help Trumpy, the truth is Jones has been lining his pockets promoting pro Trump conspiracy, now it’s just starting to backfire.

Among the suits Jones is facing for ‘defending Trump’ are misidentifying Marcel Fontaine as the Parkland shooter because he’s a socialist, tossing attention away from the MAGA hat wearing actual shooter. Claiming Brennan Gilmore was paid by Soros to organize the Unite the Right rally to make Trump look bad. Claiming Chobani yogurt was importing rapists, just the sort of immigrants of which Trump warned. Jones hasn’t suddenly been betrayed by his besty bro forever Trump, he’s just an opportunist huckster who sees the wind blowing in another direction.

Watch for Jones in the coming months to pivot to more ‘friendly’ conspiracies that appeal to the Left. Jones is simply seeing the writing on the non existent Trump border wall, and his own bottom line being threatened. It has nothing to do with the US spending four times the amount of money it would cost to replace the water pipes in Flynt Michigan on the bombing Syria. It’s not heartache for dead humans, it’s filthy and disgusting greed.

You can watch Jones go full banana pants in the video below:

This article was published on themaven.net