Trump goes golfing for the 76th time of his presidency

President Trump just left Washington D.C. to go to his Virginia golf club for the fourth weekend in a row.

Trump’s motorcade arrived at Trump National Golf Club in Virginia today wearing a “golf shoes,” according to pool reports. A single protester greeted the motorcade with a sign reading “Impeach.”

Trump has taken three times as many leisure days as Obama did at this point in his presidency, a fact that many critics will bring up every time Trump takes off. This is likely in no small part because Trump often characterized Obama as being lazy when the former president took personal days.

Administration officials claim that Trump takes meetings and does other work at his golf clubs, though the president has often been photographed riding his golf cart around the green.

This will be the 76th visit that Trump has made to one of his golf properties since his inauguration last January.

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