Trolley Driver And Passengers Stop Bigot From Attacking Muslim Woman Wearing A Hijab

A Christian bigot riding on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Green Line in Boston was spouting off his Christian beliefs, much to the annoyance of his fellow passengers. It was “merely obnoxious” behavior until a woman wearing a hijab entered the trolley.

That’s when the man’s behavior turned from obnoxious to downright malicious, the Boston Universal Hub reports.

The man reportedly harassed the woman, continuing to spout off his own religious beliefs to her and “[making] fun of her hijab,” says David Yamada, a witness to the harassment.

But passengers on the Green Line weren’t having it. Rather than ignore the man, whose attacks seemed to center around this individual person, other riders began to intervene, placing them physically between the woman and the man engaging in the inappropriate behavior.

“There was no discussion about what to do. It was genuinely spontaneous,” Yamada said.

The situation was even more serious than a simple case of verbal harassment, according to Yamada, who described the man as bordering on violent. “I thought he might punch me when he saw me taking photos,” he said.

The incident was so serious that it warranted the transit driver to stop the trolley and intervene along with the four other individuals who had already done so.

The man left the trolley at the next stop. Yamada adds that he “said something about Jesus coming for all of us” as he departed the ride.

Attacks against Muslims living in America have been on the rise in recent years, particularly after the rise of Donald Trump as a viable candidate for office and eventual presidential winner. Trump has frequently been an outspoken voice against Muslims who attack others, but has rarely, if ever, voiced his concerns over the spike in violent actions against Muslims living in the U.S. who are targeted because of their faith.

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