Special Report: Black voters are getting blocked from voting at Alabama Polls (Details)

Alabama heads to the polls today but there were wide spread reports of voter suppression especially towards the black voters. The special election will decide the destiny of sexual abuser Roy Moore and his opponent and a brave democrat Doug Jones.

But the point is Alabama has some of the strictest voter ID laws in the country that disproportionately affect citizens of color, who are among the estimated 118,000 residents in the state without photo identification. Alabama also has no same-day voter registration, no automatic registration, no pre-registration for people under the age of 18 and no early voting.

Various sources reported that people are having troubles at the polls.

One of the voter from Alabama named Annalise, revealed what happened to her when she went for voting, she also recorded the entire situation in her camera. She explained that she went to vote using the same photo ID, which she used in 2016 for voting in the Presidential election and it is expiring on 2024. But she had to face multiple problems and additional questions regarding her whereabouts, and the colour of her hair and also questions related to her work.

ACLU has reported that these questions are concerning, they said “The address on your ID does not have to match the address you are registered at. You can use an out-of-state driver’s license as long as you are registered in AL.”

Another voter named Brittany, returned to a polling station she has voted at her entire life, which include the last general election- only to find that she and a number of other long time residents had been marked inactive.

They had to fill out separate forms which requires information regarding their birth place and other addresses. People have expressed their doubts regarding voter suppression towards the black community.

A similar situation is also reported from Dothan, AL where many voters were told they needed to fill out provisional ballots,

According to a voting rights group, asking for those marked inactive to fill out a provisional ballot is against the law.

The group tweeted “If your name appears on the inactive voter list, you MUST be allowed to re-identify and vote a REGULAR ballot,”.

NAACP also received multiple reports regarding voter suppression following intimidating statements about voting made by the Alabama secretary of state.

There were reports that the authorities are hostile towards black people

This article was published on thewashingtonpolity.com