Prominent Hillary Surrogate Just Went on Unhinged Rant Against Bernie Sanders

Members of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president continue to live in a fantasy world where their candidate did no wrong. To Clinton surrogates and advisers, there is always someone else to blame, from a legitimate claim that Russian hacking thwarted her, to the illegitimate claim that Bernie Sanders is in part responsible for her loss. Clinton advisers claim that Sanders made her “toxic” by painting her as corrupt and out of touch. Clinton was seen as corrupt and out of touch long before Sanders made any claim she was. For instance, Clinton supporters argue that Sanders harped repeatedly on her paid speeches at banks, creating an image of her as corrupt. If Clinton did not want this to become a campaign issue she should not have given such speeches. The ammunition given to Sanders is the fault of Hillary Clinton, and Hillary Clinton alone.

Even months after the election, Clinton’s campaign continues to blame Sanders and his supporters. Prominent Clinton aid Peter Daou posted a 16 tweet thread laying out his claims that the only person not responsible for Clinton’s defeat is Clinton’s campaign. In three tweets he explicitly calls out Sanders and his supporters.

The last remaining vestiges of the Clinton campaign should focus less on blaming others, and more on focusing on their own blunders.

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