The Pope Just Went Off on Trump so Bad That Even the Evangelists Are Jumping Ship!

This year, Pope Francis hasn’t shied away from trashing the president’s horrid policies and belief system.  Although, he usually avoids saying Trump by name since he’s disgusted by him to the point that he doesn’t want to accept that he is his fellow man.

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When the two world leaders met this year in Italy, the look on the Pope’s face said it all.

The Pope is one of the millions of people around the world who disagreed with Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  In his Christmas address, the Pope condemned Trump.

Image result for popePope Francis said he is praying for the “peaceful coexistence of two states within mutually agreed and internationally recognized borders.”

He went on:

“We see Jesus in the children of the Middle East who continue to suffer because of growing tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. On this festive day, let us ask the Lord for peace for Jerusalem and for all the Holy Land. Let us pray that the will to resume dialogue may prevail between the parties and that a negotiated solution can finally be reached.”

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The Pope continued, “Today, as the winds of war are blowing in our world and an outdated model of development continues to produce human, societal and environmental decline, Christmas invites us to focus on the sign of the Child and to recognize him in the faces of little children, especially those for whom, like Jesus, ‘there is no place in the inn.’ Jesus knows well the pain of not being welcomed and how hard it is not to have a place to lay one’s head. May our hearts not be closed as they were in the homes of Bethlehem.”

“They had to leave their people, their home, and their land. This was no comfortable or easy journey for a young couple about to have a child. … At heart, they were full of hope and expectation because of the child about to be born; yet their steps were weighed down by the uncertainties and dangers that attend those who have to leave their home behind. So many other footsteps are hidden in the footsteps of Joseph and Mary,” he added.

Pope Francis ended, “We see the tracks of entire families forced to set out in our own day. We see the tracks of millions of persons who do not choose to go away, but driven from their land, leave behind their dear ones.”

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