‘Poor’ Pharma Bro Forced To Surrender $2m Wu-tang Album, Picasso Painting

Try to hold back your tears as you read this next story. We know it’ll be tough, but bear with us. Some stories just have to be shared.

Are you ready?

Pharmo Bro Martin Shrkeli is likely going to have to surrender $7.4 million dollars worth of assets, and that includes his a Wu Tang Clan album and  painting by Pablo Picasso.

You see, back in August, Marty McDouchebag was convicted of securities fraud as it relates to hedge funds he ran before he became famous for intentionally skyrocketing the cost of a vital life saving AIDS treatment drug by over 5,000%. Today in court, prosecutors argued that Shkreli should have to forfeit his ill-gotten gains, and that includes cash and possessions worth a boat load. An extremely rare Wu-Tang Clan album is included. How rare is that album?

There is literally only one copy, and Pharma Dick bought it for two million bucks.

So, hey, if you have a few million dollars to burn and not quite sure what to get that special someone in your life, let Marty Shkreli’s criminality be your windfall! As much legal hot water he’s in, maybe he’ll give you a break on a package deal for the Picasso and the album!

Whoops, Martin. Guess while you were screwing over sick kids you forgot to “Protect Ya Neck!” Karma is a biatch though.


This article was published on gopocalypse.net