Parents Are Pulling Their Sons Out of Boy Scouts Over Trump Speech

After President Donald Trump gave a heavily politicized speech at the Boy Scouts of America’s National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia on Monday, people took to social media to ask the nonpolitical organization to denounce his remarks.

And now scouting troops could see a decrease in membership as parents plan to pull their children from the organization.

Eagle Scouts and scouting families voiced displeasure with the organization for allowing Trump to tell the 40,000 scouts gathered that he would kill Obamacare, that Washington DC is a cesspool, and that he told the children a story about a yacht party laden with innuendo.

After the Boy Scouts organization issued a tepid statement on Tuesday morning that did not directly condemn the speech, upset families announced their intention to leave the Boy Scouts of America on the organization’s Facebook page and on Twitter.

It remains to be seen whether or not the families plan to follow through with their intentions, but the organization has struggled to maintain membership over the years already, and such a move could doom the Boy Scouts.

Camps have been forced to close after the ranks have thinned in recent years, and the organization has been caught between both sides of the political aisle over its hesitation and then admittance of gay and transgender members. One of the organization’s strongest allies, the Mormon church, has dropped its Boy Scouts programs for children aged 14-18 this year, which could reduce numbers by nearly 200,000 scouts.

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