Neo Nazis Cancel San Francisco Rally After People Line the Beach in Dog Turds

An alt-right “free speech rally” known for attracting white supremacists has just been cancelled after organizers were intimidated by reports of massive protests being planned alongside it.

In a 17-minute video, organizers said they feared the rally would turn into a “riot,” blaming groups like antifa for threatening violence ahead of the rally as well as public officials for providing improper security.

Organizers were likely nervous in light of a similar demonstration in Boston, during which only a few hundred racists attended compared to thousands of counter protesters. San Francisco protesters were planning to organize counter protests, steal parking spaces, and even litter the rally’s route with dog poop.

The organizer of the highly-publicized counter-action called off their canine plans upon hearing of the cancellation.

“I’ve received a lot of threats against me, my dogs and dogs in general from some very interesting people!” said organizer Tuffy Tuffinton. “So if you go just be aware of your surroundings. The coverage of this counter-action has been incredible. The story has been picked up in Mexico, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, the UK and all over the US. Our message has definitely been heard! I still plan in participating in clean-up efforts Sat night (if possible) and Sunday so I hope to see you all there. Thank you for all of the wonderful messages of support and to all of your good dogs!”

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