Michelle Obama Finally Resurfaces – Shows Melania How To Act Like A First Lady

Michelle Obama just keeps demonstrating why so many have called for her to run to be the first female president in 2020.


As First Lady for eight years, Michelle Obama chose to focus on health and education, and dedicated her time to those goals. Even though she has officially retired from her time in the White House, she continues to make it clear where she stands, such as with a Tweet wishing happy birthday to Malala and thanking her for what she has done for female education.

Obama is probably best remembered for her crusade to bring healthier foods to children in their school lunch meals and encourage them to eat better and exercise more, which admittedly had mixed results. However, her incredible success in the realm of education, especially as pertaining to bringing a love of learning to girls previously denied it, has gone unacknowledged by critics.

Obama has actually done more outside of the White House than Melania Trump has managed to do from inside of it.

62 million girls around the globe do not have steady access to education for a variety of factors. To combat this epidemic, Obama started a girls’ education program called Let Girls Learn, with different programs in countries around the world that promote female empowerment.

The work promoted by Obama’s education initiative is uplifting and worthy. From CNN:

“We also know that educating girls doesn’t just transform their life prospects — it transforms the prospects of their families, communities, and nations as wellStudies show that girls who are educated earn higher salaries — 10 to 20 percent more for each additional year of secondary school — and sending more girls to school and into the workforce can boost an entire country’s GDP. Educated girls also marry later, have lower rates of infant and maternal mortality, and are more likely to immunize their children and less likely to contract malaria and HIV.”

What’s Happening Now:

Her simple birthday tweet to Malala proves that her work with female education is not something she did to improve her husband’s poll numbers or play some political game. She, like Malala, genuinely cares for women and the rights they are denied because of their sex.

Donald Trump has continuously proved that he does not view women in quite the same esteem. He admitted to past sexual assault, makes grotesque comments about his own daughter, wants to tear female healthcare away by defunding Planned Parenthood, and demonized women for having late-term abortions while refusing to acknowledge that those are performed out of medical necessity.

Oh, and in May, he ordered that the Let Girls Learn program be discontinued.

Which begs the question: where is Melania Trump in all of this? Where is the leading lady in Donald Trump’s life? Why is she not explaining to him that female education is a worthy goal and that he should be building women up, not tearing them down?

Instead of addressing any of those concerns, she has announced that she will focus on ending cyberbullying, while being married to a man who has used his position as president to publicly attack anyone who critiques him over the Internet, with name-calling.

However, she isn’t even doing anything about the cause she supposedly planned to tackle.

According to USA Today:

“Melania Trump, America’s historic first lady, pledged before the election that she would lead a campaign against cyber bullying.

But so far, say leaders and activists in anti-cyber bullying efforts, neither Trump nor her East Wing staff have reached out, nor have they responded to offers to help.

“I’m not seeing any movement towards an initiative that she’s endorsed,” says first lady historian Myra Gutin of Rider University in New Jersey. “She’s hired some staff but not up to the level that other first ladies have done by now.”

If the Trumps are going to continue to attack the Obama administration, they need to start showing that they can bring something to the table better than what Obama left behind. And, as predicted, it isn’t looking like that will happen anytime soon, if ever.

This articles was published on liberalexaminer.com