JUST IN: First Lady Feels Entitled To Get Rid of Former President’s Monument to His Dead Wife

According to CNN, First Lady Melania Trump plans to chop down a Jackson Magnolia tree located on the south facade of the White House that was planted in the 1800’s. Melania made the final decision to cut down the historic tree after consulting specialists at the United States National Arboretum.

According to the report from the Arboretum, “The overall architecture and structure of the tree is greatly compromised and the tree is completely dependent on the artificial support.”

“Without the extensive cabling system, the tree would have fallen years ago. Presently, and very concerning, the cabling system is failing on the east trunk, as a cable has pulled through the very thin layer of wood that remains. It is difficult to predict when and how many more will fail.”

The historical magnolia tree was planted in memory of former President Jackson’s wife who passed away shortly after he was elected into office.

The report also stated, “We understand this is a historic tree, and all measures have been used to save it to this point in time. While we cannot comment on the need to preserve the tree as long as it stands, we believe eventually, the tree will fail.”

Do you think Melania has a right to chop down the tree?

This article was published on onlineliberal.com