Jimmy Fallon Calls Out Trump For His Immature Pettiness During Monologue – Americans Are STILL Cracking Up

It has been, for years, the job of the late night talk show host to talk about current events. The great ones, Johnny Carson, Conan O’Brien, David Letterman…all of these legends knew how to take political miscues and turn them into comedy gold. Lucky for us, the American people have been able to keep that cathartic tradition alive with our new generation of late night shows.

One of the more popular programs on around that time of night is The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy, for years, has been a fan favorite for his quirky, youthful demeanor. However, during the 2016 election, Fallon caught some flack for having Donald Trump on his show and, in a way, helping “normalize” this monster to the masses.

Fallon has since come out saying he regrets that moment. And he’s done everything in his comedic power to display his opposition to Trump’s uneducated, intolerant policies. Most recently, the late night host and Saturday Night Live alum spent some of his monologue focusing on Trump’s recent whining over the lack of “thanks” shown by the UCLA players who were recently freed from jail after being caught shoplifting in China.

Fallon and his expertly hilarious writing staff came up a pretty solid bit. Fallon commented, “Tomorrow, President Trump will pardon a turkey at the White House. Then he’ll spend the next week criticizing it for not thanking him enough. ‘I should have let you got eaten.’” Pretty good, right?

While this is a decent joke, it gets all too real when you realize Trump probably will feel anger if this pardoned turkey doesn’t show some sort of gobble-of-gratitude. Our president is far too sensitive to be a leader. We need to impeach this coward before it’s too late…

This article was published on quickpolitical.com