Hundreds Of Torch-Wielding White Nationalists Marched Through The University Of Virginia

The rally, which took place ahead of Saturday’s alt-right Unite The Right event in Charlottesville, was condemned by the university and lawmakers.


An estimated several hundred white nationalists descended on the University of Virginia’s campus in Charlottesville on Friday night for an impromptu torchlit rally.

The demonstration, which took place ahead of the alt-right Unite The Right event in the city’s Emancipation Park on Saturday, led to violent exchanges with counter-protesters on the university grounds.

The protest came amid an ongoing dispute over the proposed removal of the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Emancipation Park, previously known as Lee Park.

One protester was arrested and charged with assault and disorderly conduct, while several injuries were reported, UVA officials said in a statement on Saturday. At least one of the injured was a university police officer.

“Several other members of the University community sustained minor injuries during the confrontation,” the UVA officials said.

Videos posted on social media by reporters at the scene showed Tiki torch-wielding marchers chanting, “End immigration,” “One people, one nation,” and “Blood and soil.” (‘Blood and soil’ is a Nazi-linked ideology based on ethnic descent (blood) and territory (soil)).

Other chants included, “You will not replace us” and “White lives matter.”