GOP Strategist Says Fox News Reminds Him Of Third Reich Propaganda

Newsday columnist William F.B. O’Reilly comes with an impeccable conservative pedigree. He is, after all, the nephew of William F. Buckley, the conservative icon who promoted the Republican Party in an era long past as “The Party of Ideas.”

It is, therefore, not from a position of liberal bias that O’Reilly recently described how Fox News’ programming in the Age of Trump reminds him of Nazi propaganda during World War II.

O’Reilly wrote how alarmed he was when he discovered a documentary video on YouTube that retold the Second World War from a Nazi-sympathetic point of view. He recalled with disgust how one viewer commented below the video, “I don’t know what to believe anymore. Public schooling is so Americanized.” William went on to say how he found parallels with this video and the false, alternate “reality” that the Trump administration and its enablers at Fox News have been pushing. Stated the columnist, “They’re playing with fire. A square, Joseph Goebbels told the world, can be proved to be a circle if you say it enough times and understand your audience: ‘They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.’” He expressed shock at how almost half of Americans believe in the “Deep State,” writing, “Think about that for a minute, even if you buy into it. Consider how quickly that ‘Deep State’ narrative crystallized and took hold. In a period of months, legitimate concern about tenured bureaucrats in Washington was weaponized into a broad-stroke concept with the power to discredit almost anything or anyone, including the forthcoming results of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.”

He then detailed how this new lack of consensus on “reality” could present special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation with a significant challenge. Stated O’Reilly, “If hard evidence emerges in 2018 that candidate Trump and his team conspired with Russian intelligence to help win the 2016 election — and it very well may not — America could have a real problem on its hands. A significant percentage of us might genuinely not accept whatever evidence is presented. Certain cable news hosts are laying down a narrative in anticipation of that possibility, recklessly and unpatriotically tossing the word ‘coup’ around on live TV.” Do you agree with O’Reilly that Fox News’ coverage of the president has resembled Nazi propaganda?

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