Georgia Democrat Aims to Be Nation’s First Female African American Governor

Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, is a Georgia politician who recently filed paperwork to enter the 2018 gubernatorial race in Georgia. At her official announcement of her candidacy for governor of the state of Georgia, Abrams said that she hoped her endeavor would be a history-making political campaign.

Indeed if she wins her party’s nomination (for which she is the current front runner) and goes on to take the general election in the Peach State, the 43-year-old Democratic leader of the Georgia State House will be the first African American woman to be elected the governor of any U.S. state in U.S. history.

She is reportedly considered to be the future of what the Democratic Party represents by many progressives and is widely considered to be on of the most politically savvy leaders in the Georgia state legislature.

The Georgia House minority leader plans to take the office being vacated by Gov. Nathan Deal (R) who has been governor since 2011 and is now being term-limited out of office. This however, is no small undertaking for Abrams. No Democrat has won a statewide office in solidly red Georgia since 2006, and only 11 African American women have ever been elected to any statewide positions in the entire country at this point in U.S. history.

“Pray for me and work with me. I want government to work everyday, for everyone.”

That’s what Stacey Abrams told about 100 of her supporters supporters who gathered with resolve despite the persistent summer swarms of gnats to attend Abrams’ barbecue campaign kickoff event at Chehaw Park in Albany, which is a town about three hours south of Atlanta.

In an interview Abrams said Friday:

“Democrats in the South have to reject the notion that our geography requires that politicians soften our commitment to equality and opportunity and that you have to look a certain way. We have to be architects of progressive solutions, and that means leadership that believes we can defy the odds. I believe Democrats have the ability to win, because we have the votes.”

Abrams says she is running for governor of Georgia because she believes:

“Every Georgian deserves the freedom and the opportunity to thrive, and too many of us are being left behind and left out.”

She calls her own life proof that we can better our lives:

“My life is proof that where you begin doesn’t dictate who you become.”

At her campaign kickoff barbeque, Abrams told her followers that she picked the location because:

“Albany is just like where I grew up. I’m from a town that is about 150 miles from the capital. Sometimes that 150 miles is a lifetime away. I’m from a place that can also be forgotten because it’s not where we think politics and business should happen.”

Abrams says she’ll be able to win because she has the votes:

“We’ve been able to cut their margin of victory in half in two cycles, but what we have never done is reach out to those voters who’ve been left out and been forgotten. What we haven’t done is register hundreds of thousands of new voters who come to the election wanting to see progress, wanting to see opportunity. And what we have not done is build a coalition of voters who have a shared ambition for success. I’ve done that.”