BREAKING: DOJ Launches BRUTAL Assault Against Naturalized Citizens

AG Jeff Sessions might have ticked Trump off when he recused himself from the Russia investigation, but when it comes to anti-immigration policy, the two men are on the exact same page.  AG Sessions will do whatever it takes to deport immigrants to create a whiter America.

His latest assault is on naturalized Americans, and he’s punishing them for the DOJ’s mistake.  The new initiative titled “Operation Janus” uses a fingerprint loophole to strip naturalized Americans of their citizenship.

The DOJ claims the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) failed to fingerprint immigrants efficiently.  However, the failure is that the USCIS did not take digital fingerprints – a technology that wasn’t always available at the USCIS.

Read the first victim of Operation Janus, Baljinder Singh’s story below:

“In the case of Singh, a native of India, the DOJ asserted that he arrived at San Francisco International Airport on Sept. 25, 1991, without travel documents or proof of identity, claiming his name was ‘Davinder Singh.’ Singh was placed in exclusion proceedings, but did not appear for his immigration court hearing and was ordered deported on Jan. 7, 1992. On Feb. 6, 1992, he filed an asylum application under the name ‘Baljinder Singh,’ according to the DOJ, and ‘claimed to be an Indian who entered the United States without inspection.’ Singh abandoned his asylum application after he married a U.S. citizen, who filed a visa petition on his behalf.  He was naturalized under the name ‘Baljinder Singh’ on July 28, 2006.”

DHS’ Office of Inspector General stated that “as long as the older fingerprint records have not been digitized and included in the repositories, USCIS risks making naturalization decisions without complete information and, as a result, naturalizing additional individuals who may be ineligible for citizenship or who may be trying to obtain U.S. citizenship fraudulently.”

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