Big Pharma CEO Panics over Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-For-All Plan

Senator Bernie Sanders is unveiling a “Medicare-for-all” health care bill on Capitol Hill Wednesday, and the growing support for a single-payer system has pharmaceutical CEOs worried.

Brent Saunders, chief executive of Allergan, expressed concern last week during a conference sponsored by Wells Fargo that Americans could grow tired of the politicization of their health care needs. Sanders’ single-payer plan would earn widespread support if the pharmaceutical and health care giants didn’t win back public trust.

“Because ultimately, someone’s going to be in the White House. Somebody’s going to be in Congress,” Saunders said during the conference. “Someone’s going to be somewhere and going to have to say, ‘Enough’s enough. Let’s just change the whole system. Let’s go to one payer. Let’s do something.’”

Yes, big pharma and health-care corporations are worried that Americans will begin to push back against a system that prioritizes profit over affordable care.